Anarchie the easy way to ftp

Anarchie is, IMHO, the best ftp client there is. This page will show you where to find it, how to configure it, and how to make ftp'ing files to and from UNIX machines very easy.

Where to find Anarchie?
Installing Anarchie
Configuring Internet Config
Configuring Anarchie
Using Anarchie
Making it Easier (Bookmarks)
Usage Notes

Where to find Anarchie?

Anarchie can be found on many servers on the net. It is Shareware via Kagi Software. Please pay for it and all your other Shareware. The current versionof Anarchie is available from Stairways ShareWare.

Installing Anarchie

Installation of Anarchie consists of copying the entire Anarchie folder from one of the above servers to your Macintosh (I suggest putting it in either your Utilities folder or your Applications folder.)

Once it's on your hard drive, launch it by double-clicking the 'Anarchie' Icon

Configuring Internet Config

The first thing you'll see is a dialog that let's you know that Anarchie uses something called "InterNet Config" to initialize and configure a set of preferences. Click "Launch Internet Config". Now you get another dialog asking if you'd like to have the Internet Config Extension installed. Click "Install". Yet another dialog pops up telling you that you don't need to restart. Click "OK". (You may have noticed that the selections that I've mentioned are the defaults, so you can also hit the Return or Enter keys on your Keyboard)

Now that you've made it through the dialogs, Internet Config opens a window called, "InterNet Preferences". I'll walk you through each of the eight sections. (Basically you just need to click on them and fill in the appropriate blanks.)
Fill in your Real Name, Organization, and Signature. (I recommend that you leave your Quote String as '>')
Fill in your E-mail Address (eg., Mail account (eg., and SMTP host (if you know it). Do not fill in your password. Don't worry about the 'Mail Headers'.
Fill in your NNTP host (if you know it). Leave the other fields blank.
File Transfer
Select servers in the USA for the first three pop-up menus (as close as possible) and click on the last button and link it to your "Incoming" or "Downloads" folder. (you *do* have one, right?)
Other Services
The only one that you need to worry about is the Ph Host. set it to "". Configure the others if you know what they are for. (You'll be able to override anything you enter here.)
Set the fonts the way you like them.
File Mappings
This is the most important section. Internet Config has a very good list of file mappings, but it is not complete for macdude. Please make sure that you add/change the following:
If you are in the Knowledge Products Group, you should also enter the other standard extensions that are used with Frame Maker.
This is a list of "Helpers" that Internet Config will call if it sees the need. The only one that needs changing here is the "http" You can change the others if you wish.
Quit Internet Config and return to Anarchie.

Configuring Anarchie

Now that you've configured Internet Config, you have mostly configured Anarchie. Only a couple of things remain. One will enable Anrchie to get past macdude's Firewalls and the other turns off the "Annoying Shareware Feature" (After all, macdude has paid for everyone in the company to use this product.)

Firewalls Other Preferences

Using Anarchie

Now that you are set up to use Anarchie, how do you actually use it?

Let's use a sample to illustrate ftp'ing a FrameMaker document from your cms-outbox on yoda to your Mac and back again. (If you don't have a cms-outbox, play along with a file in your home directory)
    After filling in the four fields, you will see a window that looks like:

    You should now see a window that lists the contents of your cms-outbox.

    If you are using Anarchie 1.6 or later, you can click on the "Total", "Bytes/Min" and "Time Left" words and change them to display such things as "Remaining", "Bytes/Sec" & "Start Time".

Making it even easier (Bookmarks)

Cool. So now let's say I have to make a connection to yoda twice a day. I don't want to enter all that stuff everytime!
While the Anarchie connection is in place to your cms-outbox: Once you have a bookmark, you can use it to launch Anarchie and you will only need to enter your password to get a connection.

Usage Notes

Here are some general tips and tricks that I didn't mention:
Last Modified - Feb-11-1997